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                                         STUDENT RECOGNITION (PROCEDURE)


     1.  Student must have a GPA of 3.25 + in either category.
         a.  6 to 11 credits (part-time) 12 + credits (full time)
         b.  the Registrar will submit a list of eligible students at the end of each semester (indicated as
             Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior and identifying majors) to the Student Services Committee for
         c.  Student Services Committee will forward the names of President's honor list to the Executive
             Director of Institutional Development for media publication including students hometown newspaper.
         d.  At the end of the academic year the overall GPA of each semester will be recognized in each of the
             categories at the Student Awards Banquet.

     2.  A Students Awards Banquet will be held at the end of the Spring Semester and rotated among the 9
         districts annually.  Awards will be in the following categories:
         a.  Academic Achievement - The President's Honor List
         b.  All graduates with an overall average GPA of 3.25+ at the end of the year will be recognized.  There
             will be three categories:
               Cum laude or (in Lakota) Woyatan Kici (3.25+)
               Magna cum laude or (in Lakota) Woyatan Tanka Kici (3.50+)
               Summa cum laude or (in Lakota) Woyatan Iyotan Wanka Tuya Kici (3.72+)
         c.  Athletic Achievement (will be attached and submitted at a later date).


     1.  Individual students who have accomplishments or special honors, etc. achieved in that academic year
         including previous summer.

     2.  All students with perfect attendance for each semester will be recognized.

     3.  Alumnus who have accomplished their goals or have some significant achievement since graduating
         (such as: go on to get a degree B.S. or M.A. or Ph.D. etc.)

     4.  Community involvement

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