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                                                                           BOT 01-31-08

                              REVIEWING STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (POLICY)

A.  Local Boards Responsibilities

1.	Local Boards are encouraged to work with student organizations to insure 
        accountability and nondiscrimination of student organizations or activities that 
        make use of college facilities, or college resources, or attempt to represent the 
        views of all students.  This can be accomplished through meetings and/or 
        hearings on various proposals presented by student organizations.

2.	The Local Board may authorize a group or activity as having college sponsorship 
        and may withdraw such authorization upon a showing that the organization or 
        activity is not operating according to its approved constitution, or other formal 
        commitment to the Board.

3.	Any student organization under official college sponsorship shall lose its approval 
        upon a showing to the Local Board or Board of Trustees that it has endorsed, 
        campaigned for, or lent deliberate support to a particular candidate for Tribal or 
        District Office; or that it has refused an equal forum to any publication or meeting 
        regarding a policy or issue affecting the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

4.	Student organizations in districts should raise their own monies if possible and 
        deposit these funds into the OLC Business Office, where separate accounts will 
        be maintained by the Business. Student Organization funds derived from tuition 
        will be deposited into the OLC Business Office accounts. The Student 
        Organization shall maintain cuff accounts. 

        a)	Approved student organizations are encouraged to develop operations, 
                plans, and budgets specifying the conduct of their internal affairs. These 
                plans should be explicit in terms of the approval of the expenditures of 
                funds to Local Boards.
        b)	It is advisable that student organizations have faculty sponsorship, with an 
                advisor that can assist in the development of operational plans.  This 
                would permit the organization to seek assistance on organizational matters 
                if and when required.
        c)	It is advisable that student operational plans be filed with the OLC 
                President. This is not an attempt to police student activities but a means of 
                ensuring the rights of students and compliance with federal regulations.

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