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The Oglala Lakota College Gas Voucher program is a privilege extended to students by the College and is to be treated as such.

1. Eligibility
a. Students who could have a course scheduled in their home college, but must travel to another college center to take the class due to course schedule conflict or lack of space. 
b. Students who are not fully packaged for financial aid. 

1. Ineligibility
a. Students who receive a stipend from a grant that Oglala Lakota College receives.
b. Students who are fully packaged. 
c. Students who are interns at Piya Wiconi or who work for Oglala Lakota College. 

1. Procedure
a. A student completes a form requesting gas voucher assistance. 
b. The College Center staff contacts the Financial Aid Office to establish that the student is not fully packaged for financial aid. 

1. Guidelines
a. The gas voucher is issued from the student?s home center and the amount is determined based on the current gas voucher chart. 
b. Students must drive their own vehicles.
c. If a student is riding with another student or in someone else?s vehicle, they are not eligible to receive a voucher. 
d. Gas vouchers are based on travel from a student?s home center to the center where he or she is attending class. 
e. If a student, for example, has three classes at three different centers in any given day, they will be given a gas voucher from their home center to the center which is the longest distance from their home center. 
f. Students must turn in the signed voucher before requesting another voucher. 
g. Students must request their voucher prior to their class, NOT after the class or the following day(s) or week. 
h. Students may receive no more than three vouchers per week. 
i. Mileage for students driving from the Rapid City College Center is determined from the reservation line to the college center where they will have their class. 
j. Mileage for students driving from district college centers to the Rapid

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