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At the annual OLC graduation, cash awards are provided to outstanding graduates 
through OLC funds and private donations.  With the exception of the Gerald One 
Feather awards, the amount of the cash awards are $250 for both OLC funded and 
private donation supported awards.

In order for the private donation supported awards to be accepted by the Board of 
Trustees, there must be funds for 5 consecutive private donation supported awards 
deposited with Oglala Lakota College.

The following are student awards that have been established by the Board of Trustees 
with OLC funding. The Registrar makes the final selection for these awards.
       Name                      Amount                    Award Criteria
Hattie Twiss Award               $250           Female and male, 2 year graduate with 
                                                highest GPA-any tribal member

Black Elk Award                  $250           B.A. graduate with highest GPA-Indian or 

Lloyd D. Eagle Bull 
Memorial Award                   $250           First preference-MA graduate with high GPA 
                                                who exemplified Lakota values and shows 
                                                Lakota leadership. Second preference-BA 
                                                graduate with the same criteria, any tribal 

Jeanne Smith 
Memorial Award                   $250           Graduate with GPA of 3.0 or higher and 
                                                winning Biographical essay.

       Name                      Amount                    Award Criteria
Gerald One Feather               $1000 (2)      Female and male recipient who has 
                                                pursued a BA with high GPA, and any 
                                                tribal member

Robert Gay Memorial Award        $250 (4)       Male and female recipient-BA with Lakota 
                                                studies major with highest GPA

                                                Male and female recipient-AA degree with 
                                                Lakota studies major with highest GPA

Calvin Jumping 
Bull Memorial 
Award                            $250           Male recipient with two year degree with 
                                                highest GPA-any tribal member

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