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                                       PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM (POLICY)

     It is the desire of the Board that two-way channels of communication be kept open at all times between the
     college and the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Board will continuously attempt to create
     and maintain centers that reflect both the citizen's wishes and the Board's perception of the best interests
     of the student population, and will do its best to keep the people informed of the affairs of the college

     To help achieve the above goals, the Board authorizes the employment of a communication staff person whose
     duties will include:

       1.  Preparing or guiding the preparation of informational materials including newsletters, articles for
           periodicals, newspaper and/or radio releases, special pamphlets and other assigned material, and
           maintaining close liaison with the media for improved output of college information;

       2.  Organizing or assisting in development of a speakers bureau and speaking engagements with civic,
           community and other groups;

       3.  Assisting individual centers and offices in the annual approval of a communications plan; and

       4.  Serving as community relations counselor to the President and other staff members.

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