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                                       USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES (PROCEDURE)

     A.  Use of Kitchen Facilities

         1.  The kitchen exists and is equipped for use for college and Tribal events when food is to be served.
             It will also be used as a teaching facility.

         2.  The kitchen may not be used except by those people who have received express permission.

         3.  Keys to the kitchen shall be held by President, Executive Secretary, Director of College Maintenance
             (or their replacements) and administration.  Holders of these keys are the only authorized to open
             the kitchen for individuals or groups.

         4.  The maintenance supervisor shall be responsible only for keeping floors clean and emptying garbage.
             Persons in charge of College events that use the kitchen shall be totally responsible for all other
             clean up.

         5.  Persons using the kitchen shall leave it clean and in order.

         6.  Left over food should be taken away and stored in the freezer, appropriately wrapped and labeled.

         7.  No equipment may be taken out of the kitchen.

         8.  Lights, stoves, and all other appliances, shall be turned off.

         9.  No food or personal supplies, such as clothing, books, etc., shall be left in the kitchen.

         10. A checklist of all kitchen equipment will be available at all times and will be used to keep track of
             equipment.  The checklist will be used immediately prior to and after each use to inventory the

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