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                                        USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES (POLICY)

     The buildings and properties of the OLC shall be available for community use in accordance with the adopted
     policies of the Board of Trustees.

     1.  School buildings and facilities are available for community use at no expense to the individual or
         organization, provided, provided that:

         a.  The building's use is scheduled for hours it is normally open and staffed;

         b.  The normal instructional program is in no way disrupted by the use of the building;

         c.  The request for use of the building for a designated purpose shall be approved by the Office of the
             President of the appropriate district center director; and

         d.  Permission is not granted for its regular and continued use.

     2.  Buildings and facilities are available to citizen groups when a building is usually closed, providing a
         reasonable fee is charged to cover extra costs created by the use.

     3.  Buildings and facilities are available to citizen for money-raising ventures at a fee which will include
         cost plus a specific amount for each type of facility used.

     4.  The group or individual using the building must agree in adbace to pay for or restore original condition
         any property lost or damaged through excessive abvuse or through carelessness.  The administration shall
         be sole judge of excessive abuse and carelessness with regard to college property.

     5.  Requests for use of buildings must be submitted to the President or district director at least ten (10)
         days prior to the date for which the use of the facility is requested. Requests should set forth complete
         information as to the purpose for which the use is desired.  The requests must also stipulate the time,
         date, and individual or organization responsible for compliance with the foregoing requirements.

     6.  Community organizations should secure permission prior to the opening of school for monthly or bi-monthly
         meetings. A supper may not be held until a request in writing has been approved.

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