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     Policies and Procedures Manual
     Last Update: December 23, 2005

     Section 90-99: Community and Organizational Relations (Docs)

     This section includes policies that relate to the external management of Oglala Lakota College.
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[   ]90-000.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 10KCommunity Relations goals and objectives (Policy)
[   ]91-000.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 8.5KCommunity Services (Policy)
[   ]91-500.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 10KPublic Information Program (Policy)
[   ]92-000.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 8.0KCollege Center (Policy)
[   ]93-000-1.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 12KUse of School Facilities (Procedure)
[   ]93-000.doc12-Jan-2006 11:55 13KUse of School Facilities (Policy)
[   ]92-100-1.doc05-Sep-2012 11:38 74KEmergency Response Plan
[   ]93-500.doc04-Jun-2013 09:52 60KComputer Account and Network (Policy)
[   ]92-100.doc28-Mar-2017 12:11 68KOLC Safety and Security (Policy)

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