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We would like to thank Oglala Lakota College and its president Tom Shortbull for providing vision and framework for this program. We thank Mike Fredenberg, Stacy Phelps, and Dr. Albrecht Schwalm for administering the initial grants that allowed the establishment of the GIS/Remote Sensing lab. Native View, SDSM&T, USGS EROS Data Center, OST agencies and many more provided support in issues concerning education, research, community outreach and technology. We also thank Charles Comes Killing for his dedicated work in the GIS lab and on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

And finally, we thank Dr. Silvio Mannel for his vision and leadership of the GIS/Remote Sensing Program and Biagio Aroba for this web site design.

Our program is embedded in a framework of partners who helped in different aspects of the GIS program:

NativeView is a nationwide organization that promotes geospatial technology among tribal entities.

AmericaView, a source for data and ideas.

EROS Data Center, a branch of the United States Geographical Survey. EROS stands for Earth, Resources, Observational Systems.

Local GIS organizations such as Black Hills Mapping Group, and SDView.

State GIS organizations and departments such as Department of Transportation , Geological Survey, First District Association of Local Governments, etc.

Neighboring tribal, private, and state colleges/universities.


Program Coordinator
Dr. Hannon LaGarry or Jason Tinant
Phone: (605) 455-6003

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