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Photo of Kyle firefighters

Photo of Kyle firefighters displaying GPS device. (Larger photo: JPEG, 266KB.)

"Jeff dropped the maps off the morning.  They are great!  The students and the principal enjoyed looking at the two and trying to identify features they could see right my window with the map and the aerial photo.  Thank you for getting them so quickly, I greatly appreciate it."

~ Steve Elwood, Social Studies Department Chairman at Little Wound High School


Workshops are offered in addition to regular classes. One or two-day workshops are popular with tribal and rural organizations on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Workshops can be a powerful tool to inform about GIS, recruit students and as a source of revenue. So far, tribal fire fighters, ranchers, teachers, non-profit organizations and OST Parks and Recreation participated in the workshops.

The workshops offered through the GIS/Remote Sensing Program:

GPS for Everyone

Introduction to GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing

Digital Photography for Everyone

See the Workshop Descriptions page for more information about each workshop.


Community Outreach

Within the last year, at least ten middle and high school classes visited OLC and participated in GIS/GPS activities (figure 1). As a result, some schools on the reservation started implementing GIS/GPS into their curriculum. OLC supports those efforts with expertise and equipment. Some of these school children now participate in OLC’s Lakota Land project, where they will research and map their own heritage.

The following services are provided to OLC affiliates, collaborators and community:

GIS/GPS Workshops 

GIS/GPS technical support

Research opportunities for students

Equipment, such as GPS units

Geospatial data

GIS-lab can be scheduled for classes, meetings, or training

Maps and poster prints with plotter

Community outreach includes collaboration with individuals, organizations, agencies and tribal schools. This outreach is an opportunity to bring Native Americans and Americans of European or other descent together. For example, OLC as a Native American College supported white ranchers in implementing GIS/GPS technology. Tribal and non-tribal persons alike have already attended classes and workshops.


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