OLC Web Design Information


Oglala Lakota College's web presence is a collaborative process. We do have a Web Server Administrator, someone whom we call the Webmaster, and a computer specialist. Beyond that we have a number of faculty and staff who make regular contributions of content of OLC's web pages. The pages presented here are designed to provide content contributors tools to perform their tasks.

What we do not include in our web pages

We have made the decision to eliminate all forms of Java, Javascript and Flash from our web pages. Each of these technologies display some cool eye candy but will slow the performance and loading of the pages we create for you.

What do the W3C XHTML and W3C CSS graphics at the bottom of each page signify?

These symbols of certification signify compliance with coding standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In simple terms we adhere to a standard of web page coding compatible with popular web browsers. These include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. And, these browsers will not take extra time to correct coding mistakes of the programmer. To summarize, our pages are correctly coded and load in the shortest time possible on our computer screen. For more information about W3C Markup Validation see http://validator.w3.org/docs/why.html

Thank you to each content contributor who has helped build OLC's web site.

Defacto Webmaster

Projects being considered for this web site:

  • Clean-up back side of the web site
  • Identify the critical elements for academic deparmental pages
  • Redisign the Deparment Web pages
  • Build a document map
  • Identify elements of a mobile compliant page